Bra – Intressant på allvar, innehåller stora kvalitéer men
inte utan en del invändningar eller brister.

*= Minirecensioner

Tommys Recensioner

Rogers Recensioner

Balls to the Wall (1983)

Blandade Artister
*A Tribute to the Beast (2002)

Boone, Pat
*In a Metal Mood (1997)

Clapton, Eric
*From the Cradle (1994)

*Deaf Dumb Blind (1993)

Cooper Alice
*Alice Cooper Goes to Hell (1976)

*Along Came a Spider (2008)
Love it to Death (1971)
*Muscle of Love (1973)
*Zipper Catches Skin (1982)

*My Own Prison (1997)

Summers Rain - DEMO

*One Way Ticket to Hell... and back (2005)

Deep Purple
*Abandon (1998)
*The Battle Rages On (1993)

*Holy Diver (1983)

Dom Viktiga Skorna
*Varför Svälter Folk (När mat Är Så Gott)? (2009)

Dylan, Bob
*John Wesley Harding (1967)

Erotics, the
Rubbish (2008)
Today the Devil, Tomorrow the World (2010)

Etheridge, Melissa
Breakdown (1999)
Yes I Am (1993)

*No Sacrifice, No Victory (2009)

Humanary Stew
*A Tribute to Alice Cooper (1999)

Imbruglia, Laura
Laura Imbruglia (2006)

Iron Maiden
Final Frontier, the (2010)

*Ace Frehley (1978)
*Dressed to Kill (1975)
*Dynasty (1979)

Lewis, Juliette
*Terra incognita (2009)

Lord Belial
Revelation - (2007)

Meat Loaf
*Bat out of Hell (1977)

Endgame (2009)

Mellencamp, John
*Big Daddy (1989)

Mercyfyl Fate
In the Shadows (1993)

Rövarkungens Ö (1980)

*Bedårande Barn Av Sin Tid (1980)

Norum, John
*Face the Truth (1992)

Opel, Billy
Inspiration (2010)

*Difference of Opinion (1993)

Pretty Maids
*Sin-Decade (1992)

Rogefeldt, Pugh
Vinn Hjärta Vinn (2008)

Sainte-Marie Buffy
Running with the Drum (2009)
*Up Where We Belong (1996)

Seagal, Steven
*Mojo Priest (2006)

Skifs, Björn
*Ingen Annan (2002)

Spiteri, Sharleen
*Melody (2008)

Springsteen, Bruce
*Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978)

*Hush, the (1999)
*Ricks Road (1993)

Unhallowed (2010) - DEMO

Twisted Sister
* Stay Hungry (1984)

*Faceless World (1990)

Vreeswijk, Cornelis
Medborgare - Tack och Adjö! (2007)

Wiehe, Mikael
*Sevilla (1998)

Winnerbäck, Lars
Singel (2001)

ZZ Top
*Degüello (1979)
Eliminator (1983)
*Fandango (1975)
*Rio Grande Mud (1972)

Andersson, Theresa
Shine (2004)

Arcari, Dave
Got Me Electric (2009)

Bennett, Johnny
*The Violet Hush (2009)

Bingham, Ryan
*Roadhouse Sun (2009)

Blackledge, Rob
*Inside These Walls (2009)

Borges, Sarah
The Stars Are Out (2009)

Callahn, Bill
*Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle (2009)

Carll, Hayes
Trouble In Mind (2008)
*KMAG YOYO (2011)

Cocker, Joe
*Hard Knocks (2010)

Collett, Jason
*Idols of Exile (2005)

Collum, Bob
*Set The Stupid Free (2008)

Cornish, Alex
*Until The Traffic Stops (2009)

Currie, Justin
*The Great War (2010)

*Like You Believe It (2006)

Drive By Truckers
*The Big To-Do (2010)

Earle, Steve
*Townes (2009)

Evans, Sara
Stronger (2011)

Free, Clare
*Be Who You Are (2010)

Harrison, Mike
Late Starter (2006)

Healthy White Baby
Healthy White Baby (2005)

Hood, Patterson
Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs) (2009)

Hutchinson, Meg
Come Up Full (2008)

I See Hawks In L.A.
Hallowed Ground (2008)

Jones, Diana
Better Times Will Come (2009)

Jones, Norah
Not too late (2007)

Keating, Annie
*Water Tower View (2010)

Keith, Doug
*Here's To Outliving Me (2009)

Kweller, Ben
*Changing Horses (2009)

Langston, Grant
*Stand Up Man (2009)

Angels Of Destruction (2008)

Marshall, Susan
*Little Red (2009)

McBride, Martina
Waking up Laughing (2007)

McKenna, Lori
Unglamorous (2007)

Nielsen, Nilla
Higher Ground (2010)

Osborne, Joan
Breakfast in Bed (2007)

Pack a. d., The
*We Kill Computers (2010)

Roniger, Jon
Charmed Life (2008)

Rounders, The
Wish I Had You (2007)

Ryan, Matthew
*VS. The Silver State (2008)

Sage, Rachael
*Chandelier (2008)

Devil in My Blood (2006)

Snider, Todd
*Peace Queer (2008)

Spaghetti, Eddie
Sundowner (2011)

Swann, Nicky
Matches & Dispatches (2010)

Swift, Taylor
Fearless (2009)

Taylor, Maria
Lynn Teeter Flower (2007)

Webb Sisters, The
* Daylight Crossing (2006)

White, Kenny
*Comfort In the Static (2010)

Williams, Kathryn
*The Quickening (2010)