London Zombie Epidemic aka Devil's Playground
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A major medical corporation are about to release a new drug against stress. They take every precaution keeping it safe and do massive testing with 30.000 volunteering test subjects. At first everything seems to be fine but after at few weeks all of the test subjects has evolved damaging side effects – All but one! At first they became aggressive and soon they start attacking other people, spreading the decease even further. Soon almost the entire city of London or the world for all that we know is infected. But one of the test subjects – Angela Mills seems to be immune to the side effects and no one knows why, she doesn’t and the medical company or what’s left of it sure doesn’t. She needs to be found and taken to the medical teams for thorough examination! The path leads through hordes of zombie-like creatures that crave for human flesh.


I’ve seen my fair chair of zombie flicks. Bad ones and good ones, unusual ones, Italian, Irish and even a couple of Chinese ones I think. This one was produced in the UK and it has that British feel to it. It’s hard to explain and I’m not even going to try what it is that makes it feel that way, it just does. It has more of a realistic cinematography and that might be it. It seems like you anticipate in the actual actions instead of just watching the film. That was at rather good explanation after all. I’ll settle with that.

In this zombie film the zombies are raging fast and there’s nothing of the old frightening slow horror zombie in it at all. It’s not very frightening at all; it’s more or less an action film instead. I have no complains about that. It doesn’t state that it’s a horror movie any way. Well, of course it says so on the back of the DVD but I figure they claim it’s a horror film just because there’s zombies in it. I say it’s an action film first anyway!

The most common explanation for why the zombies exist is also abandoned, that is the non explanation as it’s usually not explained at all. They simply exist and there’s or there is to it. Here there is a failed experiment, it’s been dome before to be sure but I’d take that before “there’s no more room in hell” any day! It’s quite well acted and both the action scenes and the gory ones look nice. It’s not a splatter- or a gore movie but there are some scenes where the zombies eat from human victims and so fourth. It looks really nice and the makeup of the zombies looks good too!

Perhaps it’s a little too talky at times. All zombie flicks seem to take place, at one time or another, in a barricaded house of some sorts and the people get on each others nerves, the paranoia takes it’s toll I guess, and those scenes are a little too long in this otherwise fine movie! It’s a little bit different but it’s quite entertaining!

Tommy Söderberg

London Zombie Epidemic
Aka: Devil’s Playground
Director: Mark McQueen


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London Zombie Epidemic aka Devil's Playground