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The Table
The OTHER Hollywood!
Intense masterpiece!
Animatied Japanese flick.
The Alcove
An erotic drama by Joe D'Amato

My name is A by Anonymous
Surreal angst and murder.

Surreal BDSM insanity.
A film about retirement.
Suicide Club
A very strong asian movie!
Quarantine 2
Zombies on a Plane!



















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2011-12-08 - The Table reviewed.

2011-12-06 - Added a translated review of Eric Stanzes Scrapbook to this section!

2011-12-04 - Animated flick ICE reviewed.

2011-11-27 - Joe D'Amato flick The Alcove reviewed.

2011-11-07 - Screener of My name is A by Anonymous reviewed.

2011-10-17 - Wound reviewed - released October 24th.

2011-10-09 - Added a review of French movie Mammuth.

2011-09-06 - Added Suicide Club, released by Cine Du Monde on September 19th.

2011-08-31 - Translated Quarantine 2: Terminal to this section of the site!

2011-08-29 - Published a translated review of Begotten.

2011-08-10 - We've started a collaboration with british distributor Cine Du Monde and writes about their first release - Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

2011-08-02 - Two new reviews! Australian horror flick Primal and The Gray Man about the "different" Albert Fish!

2011-08-01 - Added French-Canadian torture flick 7 Days aka Les 7 Jours Du Talion.

2011-07-24 - New review up: London Zombie Epidemic aka Devil's Playground.

2011-07-17 - Not really a new review, it's a few years old by now, but it's recently translated into English! Slaughter Disc!

2011-07-10 - New review - I Am Number Four.

2011-07-05 - Added Newsmakers.

2011-07-02 - Added reviews of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Amateur Porn Star Killer, Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo, Excreamer, Eyes Beyond, Fantacide, Gutterballs, Hanger, Kill Devil Hill, The Life and Death of Porno Gang, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, No Right Turn, Recompénce, A Serbian Film, Thicker than Water and Warning!!! Pedophile Released to this section!


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