This’ll be a somewhat different review than we normally do here on Fanatisk Film. That’s because that the movie is no longer than around 12 minutes and if I was to dissect the plot into some sort of description there wouldn’t be much left over to surprise you when you see the movie. It’s based upon some bizarre unsolved murders in North Carolina and we’ll leave it at that!

"quite brutal"

How much of it that is actually true and how much that’s speculation is of course hard to tell and I don’t think it’s a very interesting question anyway? What’s interesting is rather how the movie was made technically. How well it’s put together so to speak and of course, how the story is told. I think it’s successful in all these areas. It’s not just another amateurish flick but a film with quite high production values. There’s good acting, even if the actor doesn’t have that much to work with as it’s a very compressed story. The effects is fabulous even if there’s not that many astonishing things that happens. The changing effect in actors eyes for example is very beautiful.

The story itself has no major problems, but since the movie is so short there’s no time to build up any tension. I’m fully convinced that it would have been possible if the runtime was longer though. This is a competent craftsmanship, both in front of, and behind the camera!

So? What’s more to tell? It feels like I’ve already written all I have to say about this film. Apart from the obvious revolting affect of the victims – the children. It’s still very uncommon for children to be a part of the murder scene, even if the recent years have escalated with a few movies in that direction. It’s still so uncommon that you can’t help yourself from getting a bit shocked. This one is quite brutal in that department and if that’s all that you’re after you won’t be disappointed! The rest of us can enjoy the rest of the movies qualities to!

Tommy Söderberg


Kill Devil Hill
Director: Robert ”Ace” Jordan

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Kill Devil Hill