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Susan meets her father, a meeting that ends with his violent and tormented death. She submits to her masters BDSM game and she gets to see her long lost daughter. She gets possessed by her and gets bullied around by her dead mother. She goes to see a shrink for guidance. Why does she see her dead mother and her own still born child in a grown-up state? Susan’s got a wound that never heals; an emotional wound in the soul that has driven her more or less insane. Or is she?


This is a pretty hard movie to comprehend! It may not be Tarantino-ish or Lynch-esque but the story is hard to follow. I really can’t tell in which order things happen, but it might not be important anyway. There’s a nightmarish feel to it that really gets under your skin and the actor, from Kate O´Rourke in particular, is excellent! She really gets the message out from the screen and into the audiences’ soul!

But as I said, it’s pretty hard to follow and you more or less have to feel the movie rather than thinking it. The great thing about not fully understanding is that after it’s over you can’t help thinking about it, what small things really mean. Is there a metaphoric meaning to the poo that Susan keeps in the freezer wrapped in aluminum foil or is it just there to confuse the viewer? I had to see the film several times just to get a basic idea on what it’s all about. It’s far more thought through than you first can imagine!

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It’s kind of extreme but still very subtle. There isn’t as much blood as you could imagine from an extreme movie, at least not initially. There’s more towards the end but the main thing about it is more terrifying inanity than gore. That makes it a much stronger movie in my opinion and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to see and review it!

Susan is most probably insane but it’s not entirely obvious. The story could be interpreted in different ways. Maybe she truly is submissive to her BDSM master. He could be a fragment of her imagination but he could also be real – or Susan’s way of interpret the shrink. In either way she’s very fragile and she does have an emotional wound that never heals. What was her childhood like? Well, we get to know that she was sexually abused by her father; at least it seems pretty obvious. But as all other things in the movie we can’t tell for sure. Insanity is hard to comprehend and that might very well be the bottom line of the film! It’s interesting nevertheless!

Tommy Söderberg


Director: David Blyth

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