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54 School girls throw themselves collectively in front of a train and commit suicide. But that’s just the first of more bizarre suicides I Japan, all of them collective. The police don’t know what to think at I first but soon realize that there’s foul play involved. They try to puzzle the pieces together but it’s easier said than done. A phone call from the hacker “the Bat” reaches them. She offers her help to the police and she’s found a mysterious website that seems to have something to do with the suicides. There is also the girl band Dessert that seems to be involved in some way.


This was one of the absolutely best movies from 2002 as far as I’m concerned. It’s almost perfect all the way through, it’s controversial and it’s a very strong theme. You get deeply concerned about instantly since the movie opens with the 54 girl commits suicide. It kind of sets the standard for what to come and you can never get over the initial cruel imagery! I was rather shocked when I saw it actually which is very unusual. I’ve seen my fair share of shocking cinema and I’m not concerned easily.

It’s an unusual film in that sense. You will surely be shocked but you’ll willingly sit around and wait for more knowing that you might not be able to take the tension. It’s a very exciting movie, filmed in a clever way with music that almost gives the imagery an absurd meaning. Don’t say that sound and music isn’t important for the experience! You can make some much going on with some odd music.

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But it’s not all horrifying. It is scary, and since it’s a subject that’s not too far away from reality you get more affected I think. It’s not about monsters or ghosts and there’s definitely strength in that! There are also some cool references to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or at least it feels that way. There are subcultures involved and it’s brilliantly made. It’s kind of some comedy in the centre of all the macabre horror and I really like it!

And as I said, this is a shocking movie. The Asians are the new Italians, the shock us like they used to do but they haven’t stolen as much from other movies maybe. All of the Italian classics are far from original but I think this one is and it’s one of my all time favourite movies!
Tommy Söderberg

Suicide Club
Aka Jisatsu Circle, Suicide Circle
Director: Shion Sono

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Suicide Club