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Mike loves pornography, you could say that he’s obsessed by it. In his quest for finding the ultimate rush he finds and orders a new film. It’s, according to what he’s heard, the strongest and toughest film on the market. It’s expensive, but when he’s looking at the official website he can’t help himself. He must have a copy and orders it. A couple of weeks later there’s a knock at the door and he finally gets the very wished-for movie. On the DVD Andromeda Strange appears – pornography in the ultimate sick way.


The beginning of the movie looks kind of amateurish but there’s not a shadow of a doubt that this movie is going to show everything. I’m not sure if the opening credit is over before there’s penetration on screen. Some movies balances on the edge to pornography but Slaughter Disc take it one step further – it IS pornographic!

But regardless of the content there’s no real eroticism and I think that goes along with the pretext “Porn Kills”. Because it feels kind of silly to make an anti porn film so pornographic, don’t you think? I’m not going to give away all of the slimy content in the movie but I can mention some bondage, murder and maiming, cannibalism and necrophilia as some of the perversions in the film. There’s also some emetophilia but not nearly as much as in the hyped Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.

But despite of sexual deviants, or perhaps because of them, it’s quite obvious how Mike descends into a spiral of decadence and psychosis. The pornography means everything to him and he loses his friends one by one, his girlfriend and his job. There’s only Andromeda Strange and what boundaries she’s going to shatter in the next scene of the DVD.

The cost of making Slaughter Disc was about ten thousand dollars and it took two weeks to shoot. It’s unique! I think I can guarantee that you haven’t seen anything like it before. But regardless if you hate or love it I don’t think it leaves anyone untouched. The synopsis is similar to David Cronenbergs Videodrome in some ways, and the more modern Brainscan. The grey zone of reality and imagination blurs for the characters. It treats pornography in a negative sense as well as Videodrome focused negative on society and the problems with it.

Perhaps we should be glad that the original script wasn’t filmed. It was stashed away for about a decade and was packed with ten times more gore and pornography. And we should be pleased that it's not more convincing than it is, then it was surely be illegal!

Tommy Söderberg

Slaughter Disc
Director: David Quitmeyer


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Slaughter Disc