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Eighteen years ago a boy was born. He was thrown in a garbage container and left to die. His mother was a hooker and as she got pregnant she wasn’t to any use for her pimp anymore, no one was prepared to pay to bang her. The pimp solved the matter by aborting her unborn child with a hanger. Unfortunate for her she didn’t survive the procedure – and the child? Well, somehow he manages to survive and was taken care of by a homeless bum. Now, eighteen years later, the revenge is coming…


In Gutterballs, which I write about a little while ago, was not spare on showing genitals. At least not male ones and here it’s no less. Perhaps this is because it’s the same man – Ryan Nicholson who has directed this. I’d say it’s fairly probable that he likes having that kind of sleaze in his movies. This movie doesn’t contain as much male genitals though, but there are a couple of scenes with female ones. If they’re real or faked with latex I can’t really say, but it look really good. And in a couple of masturbation scenes there is no doubt!

"a future cult classic"

The theme is undeniable sexual, but it didn’t have to be. There are plenty of other films with revenge themes without having visible genitals and works fine anyway. But in the same time this represents something a little bit unusual and I think it make the whole thing a bit charming. The actors are pretty weak but there is something pleasing with the weird characters. I would call many of them retarded or mentally challenged and the dialog is pretty funny. The talk about pornography and categorizes it in different categories. They work at a garbage disposal place and collect whatever appeals to them; they all have different tastes in what arouses them.

There are also a couple of pretty explicit perversions in the movie, quite nasty to be frank, and this is not even a particular disgusting film. But a couple of scenes are a bit hard to see and that says a lot when it comes from an experienced critic with a soft spot for different flicks with challenging scenes.

I’m pretty pleased with the picture really. It’s not a masterpiece but the best I’ve seen from Ryan Nicholson so far. I will be interesting to se if he can do even more shocking films in the future. I think that he’s a movie maker I will have a good relationship to, or at least his movies. I hope for the best and I think that this will be a future cult classic!

Tommy Söderberg

Director: Ryan Nicholson


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