Mini Reviews






Izak’s Choice – Short art films are almost always very difficult to review. There’s so much going on in so little time that it’s hard to sort out all of the impressions. You just can’t tell a story in a regular way in a film that’s no longer than approximately 16 minutes. Of course there aren’t so many characters to involve with the viewer but – I assure you – there are multiple sub plots within the story. Most of them are hidden and needs to be interpreted by the viewer, which is also the main point of a film like this I think. There’s no need to tell everything at once, you have to give the viewer something to wonder about. The plot centers on a pianist teacher and his student. Soon it isn’t as clear which one is the student and who is the teacher. She becomes his muse. Therefore he can pursue the career he always wanted. He plays the piano in an audition contest and wins (of course). But before he has the chance to perform, his muse is seriously injured, lost a few of her limbs and defiantly cannot play anymore. What will Izak do? What’s his choice?

I got this sent to me and didn’t have a clue what it was. Of course the mail gave some information but not much. I wouldn’t be surprised if this short won some awards – it sure should have! It’s absolutely beautiful and the acting is top notch! If you know anything about piano playing you might enjoy the musical performance as well, as the main character – Izak, is portrayed by piano soloist Ivan Ilic.


Tag – It took me a few screenings before I could understand this short for real. As a matter of fact I’m still not 100% sure but that’s not necessary anyway. It’s kind of a surreal story that could mean a few different things and the story itself isn’t the main thing. What’s important is the atmosphere and the awareness of the storytelling. It’s a bit difficult to explain but I guess it’s mainly about how the story is told. We are shown two sisters (twins maybe) and my conclusion is that one of them is already dead due to some tag-game when they were kids. If the dead sister is there or not, or if she’s even dead, is not certain and it doesn’t need to be. That’s the strength of it, the possibilities the viewers can decide for themselves. It’s a strong little piece which includes self mutilation and full frontal nudity. It’s high class art! …and Japanese horror from USA! - 6/10
- Tommy Söderberg


Attack of the Killer Hog – I don’t really know what to think about this – strange – movie! It includes aliens or creatures from another dimension; it also includes a killer hog. But you need to forget real hogs and focus on a teddy bear like hog instead. Don't ask how it came about ‘cause I don’t really get it, but it has something to do with being connected to a computer and injections into the cloth hog. It’s also a parody of some sort even if I couldn’t hear everything in the dialog. The English dubbed version (instead of the original German) is pretty hard to hear since many of the voices are very unclear and dubbed by German accent voice actors. I could however hear the line I Never Drink…Wine and the Star Wars elements are obvious when they starts to fight each other with laser swords! It’s a hilarious movie but still serious enough to enjoy. There is talent involved more than used a friendly gang making a movie just for laughs. I don’t really get the story line but I like the way it’s told! – 5/10
- Tommy Söderberg